RSPCA runs new TV ad to promote chicken

The 20-second ad, made by 2S films Ltd, features a typical RSPCA Assured indoor chicken farm, which requires birds to be a slower growing breed, to have enrichment objects like straw bales, and natural light.

The ad will air until 31 July on Channel 4, More 4, Eden and HGTV and on All4 video-on-demand service until 2 August. It will also be shown on Sky, until 9 August, via its Adsmart service which uses Clubcard data to target Tesco’s customers. A version of the ad will also be hosted on YouTube.

RSPCA Assured hopes the new ad will encourage people who choose to eat chicken, to only buy RSPCA Assured labelled products.

Xenia Kingsley, the charity’s marketing manager, comments: “There are no gimmicks or complicated messages. It simply shows healthy, active, well cared for birds on a typical RSPCA Assured indoor farm, with a clear call to choose RSPCA Assured if you care about chicken welfare.”  

There are currently 31 RSPCA Assured certified indoor chicken farms in the UK and 157 free range. These farms have to meet hundreds of mandatory standards to qualify for the charity’s approval. They receive annual assessments by RSPCA Assured’s own specially-trained assessors and are also subject to unannounced spot checks by the RSPCA’s farm livestock officers.

RSPCA Assured chicken is available in Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury’s, as well as Tesco.


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