Potters Poultry virtually opens its doors

Potters Poultry, a leading provider of equipment and pullets for the UK and US egg markets, has hosted an online open house event to bring together key individuals from across the industry.

Over 100 people attended on the day, including poultry farmers, egg packers, suppliers and more. There was also a guest presentation from Tesco’s Agricultural Manager John Kirkpatrick.

Once online, attendees were given an insight into the family’s history by directors Olivia and Justin Potter, and introduced to the work they now do Stateside – including the move to pullet rearing in recent years.

John Kirkpatrick covered a variety of topics, including UK egg demand and the increase of eggs purchased during coronavirus. He also touched upon the large-scale investments Tesco has been making in the egg market.

Looking to the future, Kirkpatrick highlighted how the egg market is currently going from strength to strength – with current trends including personal health, online shopping, convenience, and premium ranges all contributing to boosted sales.

Director of Potters Poultry, Olivia Potter, said: “It was great to see such a great turn out for our virtual open house. It was an innovative way of bringing our industry together during these unprecedented times and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We hope people came away from the event having learnt something new, whether that was about Potters Poultry and how we operate as a business, the US egg market and the great job our guys are doing over there, or some of the great pointers from John’s talk.”

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