Spate of poultry farm break-ins

The NFU has issued a warning after being made aware of an increase in poultry farm break-ins. The union said all sectors are being targeted including layers, broilers and turkeys.

“We are urging all members to review their own site security and ensure that staff members are aware of and practice the security measures on your site,” a spokesperson said. “It is also important that all staff are aware of your farm protocols in the event of discovering any suspicious activity.”

The NFU has produced an infographic in response to a surge in poultry farm break-ins which is available here. The advice is largely common sense and is very much attention to detail however, it is based on experience of the areas that activists focus on when they break into poultry sheds. The infographic can be used to make staff members aware of potential risk areas.

“If you know or suspect that you have been a victim of a farm break-in please report it to the police, no matter how insignificant you feel the incident is. The NFU is here to support members, whether that is with any press coverage or signposting you to the relevant specialist police unit.

“The police have a unit dedicated to the actions of activists and we have met with them several times to discuss the increase in farm break-ins and the support that they can provide for those affected,” the spokesperson added.



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