Cabinet offers uniform temperature with improved insulation

An incubator cabinet, designed to ensure uniform temperature throughout the whole egg with a temperature bandwidth that does not exceed 0.6OC, has been launched by Somerset-based EmTech Hatchery Systems.

To create the best possible temperature bandwidth, the incubator needs to be a totally insulated box. The PrimoTech single-stage setter cabinet’s design comprises interlocking panels, which form a solid insulation barrier. This eliminates thermal losses, cold air-pockets and condensation. Other more conventional cabinets, by comparison, have an aluminium framework, to link panels together, which can result in heat loss via ‘thermal bridges’.

The cabinet’s 51mm-wide panels are thermally efficient and have a polyisocyanurate (PIR) fire-rated core. PIR also provides 30% better thermal insulation than the commonly used high density polystyrene panel.

There is a direct relationship to the stage of incubation and how well the cabinet seals. In the ‘closed-up’ stage of incubation, a well-sealed cabinet will promote high-levels of moisture as the eggs transpire. The amount of moisture within the air also dictates the efficiency of heat transfer and, by direct association, temperature bandwidth.

The cabinet has a sealed air inlet and exhaust dampers, as well as an improved door-seal design. This also promotes good levels of moisture and early percentage concentration of CO2. And this results in more chicks, better quality chicks, and improved on-farm performance, according to the company.

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