US eggs recalled over salmonella fears

Following the recall of more than 200 million eggs in the US over Salmonella fears, the British Egg Industry Council is reminding retailers, food manufacturers and caterers to ensure that they specify British Lion eggs.

The recall reinforces the need for robust food safety standards, such as those delivered by the British Lion Quality Code of Practice.  The 700 points contained in the British Lion Code ensure that the eggs produced meet the highest standards of food safety.

Andrew Joret, British Egg Industry Council Chairman, said:  “The Food Standards Agency highlighted that, because of the suite of food safety measures contained in the Code of Practice, British Lion eggs are safe for vulnerable groups to eat runny  –  advice that only applies to British Lion eggs.  Food businesses therefore need to ensure that they are specifying the British Lion mark to meet their due diligence requirements, and then everyone, including pregnant women, the elderly and young children, can enjoy their eggs runny.”

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