New layer feed concept from ForFarmers is R&D driven

The global feed firm, ForFarmers, has put research and development at the core of a new layer feed concept called VITAFOCUS, which is designed to support “all types of production, from free range to colony”.

Launched under the company’s VITAFOCUS brand, the new concept is underpinned by work carried out by ForFarmers’ Nutritional Innovation Centre team.

“The new diets have been specifically designed using the most innovative ingredients and latest research to enhance our existing layer ranges,” said the company’s Poultry Sales Director, Andrew Burley, adding that the new concept was aimed to help support producers meet the changing requirements of local market conditions while continuing to support producers business objectives and maximise their returns.

The company said that the VITAFOCUS range is designed to provide for the nutritional requirements of hens from 16 weeks of age through extended periods of lay to beyond the standard 72 weeks. In order to satisfy the hen throughout its whole life, feeding regimes have been redesigned to cover three key areas of the hens life; the transition period, peak lay and the extended laying cycle.

“The main objective of life time feeding is to ensure birds from all production systems receive the right nutrition at the right time in their laying cycle thus maximising their productive output at all stages of their life,” said ForFarmers’ UK National Poultry Advisor, Andrew Fothergill.

“To support this philosophy, we have undertaken research to test how nutrition can support the productive capacity of the laying hen in periods of extended lay. We have also identified the importance of the transition period to support the growth and development of the bird in the weeks leading to the onset of lay, helping ensure the bird gets the best start to its productive life.”

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