Health focus on keeping pace with genetic progress

The challenge of ensuring that the enteric and structural health of broilers keeps pace with the genetic progress of the birds concerned, with be the focus of attention during a Novus International satellite symposium, held during next week’s World Poultry Congress (WPC2016) in Beijing.

The animal health and nutrition products company will use the event to address the fact that while genetic advances in the poultry industry have significantly improved production efficiency, the progress made has also meant that the birds’ skeletal and enteric systems face “additional stress” to keep pace with their genetic potential.

Due to be held on September 7, the symposium will be addressed by Dr Doug Korver of the University of Alberta, Dr Billy Hargis of the University of Arkansas, and Dr. Defa Sun and Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon. both from Novus.

In addition to the forum, Novus researchers will present eight scientific abstracts throughout the congress week covering different aspects of recent mineral, enzyme and organic acid research.

Novus is one of four key sponsors for WPC2016, which is co-hosted by the China Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association and the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. The event runs from September 5-9.

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