Importing chlorinated chicken ‘cannot be right’ says Red Tractor chief

Red Tractor CEO, Jim Moseley, has reacted sharply to comments by America Farm Bureau Chief, Zippy Duvall, that any future US/UK trade deal will need to include chlorinated chicken.

“This cannot be the right thing to do,” said Mr Moseley (pictured above), adding that Mr Duvall’s comments demonstrate the ‘enormous appetite’ to strike trade deals which allow more US products to be exported to the UK.

“Sanctioning deals of this nature threatens the UK’s world-leading food standards and we repeat our call to government to maintain legislation which currently prevents these sort of products from being sold in the UK.

“Our research shows that shoppers look for food that has been produced to the highest standards of food safety, animal welfare and traceability. A deal that allows products that are currently deemed to be illegal, to be brought into the UK, lets down the British public and undermines all the investment and efforts of British farmers. This cannot be the right thing to do.”

Eroding consumer confidence

NFU Scotland Director of Policy, Jonnie Hall, also urged the UK Government to seek a future international trading environment which does not negatively impact the economic viability of Scottish farms and crofts.

“Whatever the future trading arrangements for Scottish and UK food products, any and all food imports must fully adhere to the existing high animal welfare, environmental and processing standards that currently apply here,” he said.

“The UK Government must not seek future trading arrangements which would negatively impact consumer perceptions of safety or their confidence in food.  Any opening up of trade to lower standard produce is tantamount to exporting the UK’s environmental, animal welfare and economic responsibility.  For example, the current hormone-treated beef and chlorinated chicken bans are in place to ensure higher standards of production.

“Any future trade deal that exposed domestic UK markets to such products would undermine the value and integrity of Scottish and UK food products and erode consumer confidence.”

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