School children get “hands-on” education on eggs and chicks

The opportunity to give the next generation of consumers a “hands-on” experience of chicks and eggs, recently resulted in AB Agri and The Happy Egg Company backing an educational initiative in which 200 children from schools across East Anglia were treated to a “Happy Chick Day”.

Organised by Kids Country, the education arm of the East of England Agricultural Society, the event was structured to fit in with the national primary curriculum, providing children with hands-on activities and demonstrating where eggs come from, how they are used in food and what is involved in the whole journey from farm to fork.

“Events like this provide us with a chance to engage with the local community, highlighting the importance of agriculture, where food comes from and who is involved in getting it to our plates,” said AB Agri’s education outreach coordinator, Tim Wilson.

“It is vital to get in front of children at a primary level so we can help them better understand what they are eating and support them in making healthy, informed decisions as they grow up.”

The Happy Chick Company’s Madeline McRanor agreed: “Nowadays, children are so removed from nature due to living in cities, and busy lives often leave no room for pets. This means they don’t get the opportunity to interact and bond with animals, which is crucial to emotional development.

“Education days like this not only give schools the chance to add value to a child’s learning from a curriculum point of view, but they develop their personal skills as well.”

Headline image shows the AB Agri education outreach team

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