Forum looks at adjusting diets to change body compostion

The ability of nutritionists to adjust poultry diets in order to manipulate body composition was one of the areas highlighted during Aviagen’s first European Nutrition Forum, which was held in Edinburgh earlier this month.

Attracting around 100 delegates from 26 countries to the Scottish capital, the forum also looked at current breeder nutrition research and its practical application for future developments in Europe.

“Delegates responded well to our theme of how nutritionists can adjust diets, to manipulate body composition,” said the company’s European nutrition team head, Leonardo Linares, adding that the approach provides birds with enough fat reserves to achieve high peaks of production, along with a high standard productivity until the end of the production cycle.

The forum also featured presentations by external speakers’ Dutch researcher Dr Rick van Emous from Wageningen University; US-based consultant Dr Robert Renema and the University of Leipzig’s Professor Christoph Mülling.

“Their presentations gave an overview of the genetic approaches for the future of the poultry industry,” said Aviagen. “They also focused on how nutritionists can deal with current and future challenges in rear and production to achieve high performance results and good profitability, while consistently looking after bird welfare.”

Headline image shows delegates during a discussion session which was a major feature of the forum programme

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