NFU brings the farmyard to Conservative conference in Manchester

Politicians and delegates at the Conservative Party Conference will be able to smell, touch, feel, hear and see British farming at the NFU’s Sensory Barn in the secure zone from this Sunday. 

At the NFU’s first stand at the Conference, the Barn brings all the elements of the British farmed countryside right into the city of Manchester. The stand brings to life the environmental and economic importance of farming, as well as its crucial role in helping to deliver food security for Britain.

Each of the farming sectors of livestock, dairy, horticulture, poultry, sugar and arable will be showcased within in interactive displays in the barn to the 11,000 conference attendees expected.

Delegates will be able to see the economic value of farming and food production in their own area, and can make clear their support for British farming on the pledge apple tree.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “The Conservative Party Conference gives us the perfect opportunity to speak to thousands of delegates and the party in power about the importance of British Farming. The Sensory Barn certainly grabs this opportunity and puts farming and the importance of farming at the forefront of people’s minds.  

In prime location, the Barn will celebrate all that British farming contributes to our nation, as well as offering the opportunity for people to learn about how farming impacts on their daily lives.

With the UK now entering an important political period, it is vital that the value of farming and its contribution to the economy, in terms of jobs in the sector and GDP, our beautiful landscape and the food we all eat every day, is fully recognised.”

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