Lion Eggs partners with top London hotel to promote recipes ahead of British Egg Week

British Lion eggs is teaming up with leading London hotel The Goring to promote a series of egg recipes for British Egg Week, held on 9 to 15 October.

The recipes are aimed people who want both quick and tasty weekday breakfast or a more indulgent weekend treat.

A media campaign will support The Goring Hotel activity, with recipes being placed in leading women’s magazines and through a variety of online media.

In addition, British Lion eggs has challenged a number of bloggers to develop tasty breakfast options and share them across their social media channels.

9 – 15 October are the dates of British Egg Week in 2017

• Approximately 250 million eggs will be eaten in British Egg Week.
• 12 billion eggs are eaten in the UK each year – approximately 35 million eggs a day. Average consumption is 3.7 eggs per person per week.
• The average person will eat around 14,000 eggs in their lifetime.
• 85% of eggs produced in the UK bear the British Lion mark which guarantees the highest standards of food safety.
• British Lion auditors check on 9 billion British Lion eggs a year
• 100% of British Lion eggs come from hens that have been vaccinated against salmonella.
• 66 is the number of calories in a typical medium egg – fewer than a banana or a digestive biscuit.
• As many as you like is the number of eggs you can eat in a week now that all major heart and health advisory groups have lifted their previous limits on egg consumption.

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