Cargill and Faccenda Foods to combine their fresh chicken, turkey and duck activities to create a leading UK food business

Cargill and Faccenda Foods have agreed to establish a joint venture to create a leading UK food company focused on chicken, turkey and duck. The new company will have the capability to respond to changing customer needs in the retail and food service sectors with a strategy for growth. The formation of this joint venture is subject to clearance by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Cargill’s fresh chicken business in the UK is going to join Faccenda’s fresh chicken, turkey and duck business to form this new company. The new joint venture will be a standalone business, with Cargill and Faccenda taking an equal shareholding. It brings together two complementary businesses with a track record of success, shared values and a strong reputation in the UK poultry market.

Andy Dawkins, managing director for Faccenda Foods, will be appointed Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed company. Chris Hall, fresh chicken director for Cargill Meats Europe, will be appointed Chief Commercial Officer of the new joint venture.

The new business plans to employ approximately 6,000 people in the UK, with employees coming from both parent companies. It will operate across multiple agriculture and operational centres, with broad capabilities that span the supply chain focused on operational excellence and customer focused partnerships.

“We believe the two organisations are complementary. Combining into one entity allows us to build on our strengths, grow in the market and better serve our customers. The venture will facilitate greater opportunities to innovate and deliver new and exciting poultry products for consumers,” said Chris Langholz, President of Cargill Poultry.

Ian Faccenda, Chief Executive Officer of Faccenda Investments, said, “Both Cargill and Faccenda are recognised today by their customers for their high standards and great service. The new joint venture confirms our long-term commitment to being a responsible partner across the entire supply chain, providing stability and security to our customers, suppliers and growers for years to come.”

“This is an exciting time,” Faccenda added. “We are bringing together talented people from both businesses with complementary values and expertise, and giving them the opportunity to develop and be successful in a new business with the capability to grow.”

Separate to this joint venture, in the UK Cargill will continue to process and sell cooked poultry products in Balliol, Wolverhampton, as well as operate its poultry import, trading and distribution business. Cargill will also continue to operate its European poultry businesses in France, Russia and the Netherlands. Faccenda will retain its shareholding in Dartmouth Foods.

The name of the new joint venture is going to be announced at the closing of the deal.

About Cargill’s European Poultry Business
Cargill is a leading supplier and innovator fresh chicken products to retail, food service and food manufacturing customers and their consumers. Cargill has production facilities in Hereford, Wolverhampton and Newent in the UK, and in France and Russia.

About Faccenda Foods

Faccenda Foods is a vertically integrated food business delivering fresh and convenience food solutions for the UK retail and food service sectors. It is one of the UK’s largest food businesses with a turnover of over £500m and 3,600 people situated across its UK chicken, turkey and duck operations. Following the full integration of its existing operations to become Faccenda Foods in 2014, in 2015 the business completed a major factory expansion programme at its Telford facility and purchased the Cherry Valley Foods duck business. Faccenda has production facilities in Brackley,Telford, Dudley, Abergavenny, Caistor and Burton. Faccenda Foods is wholly owned by the Faccenda family and has been successfully supplying the UK consumer for six decades.

About the joint venture
The joint venture will bring together Cargill’s fresh chicken business in the UK with Faccenda’s chicken, turkey and duck business. Faccenda’s poultry business consists of laying farms, breeder farms, hatcheries, two feed mills, grow-out facilities and six poultry processing facilities employing 3600 people.

Faccenda sources birds from both independently owned and company owned farms and processes just over 2 million chickens per week and 4.5 million turkeys and 5.5 million ducks per year. The Cargill fresh chicken business consists of laying farms, breeder farms, hatcheries, a feed mill, grow-out facilities and three poultry processing facilities employing 2500 people. Cargill sources birds from a network of farms, primarily independently owned and processes approximately 2.1 million birds per week.

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