NFU poultry leader aims to “reinvigorate” union’s regional impact

NFU poultry board vice-chairman, Tom Wornham, has issued a rallying call to producers throughout the country, urging them to get involved in helping to guide the sector through the post-Brexit period.

Writing in a blog on the NFU website, Mr Wornham (pictured above) said that he’d never previously started an article with more uncertainty about the future. He also commented, however, that he saw the current situation as a good time for the next generation to step up and get involved in shaping the future.

“The opportunity to understand and get involved has never been easier,” he said. “The NFU poultry board has representatives across all regions and sectors of poultry. Ranging from industry movers to small family-run businesses like myself.

“This mix of individuals allows your board to debate, understand and contribute towards the poultry agenda for our country.”

Having personally been involved in discussions with the Food Standards Agency over reducing campylobacter levels in poultry and changes concerning the use of rodenticides, he highlighted the need to maintain the strength and diversity of the poultry board. This includes enabling the regional poultry boards to be active and effective, with the vice-chairman declaring his aim of helping “reinvigorate” the regional meetings during his time in office.

The NFU functions across seven English regions, with poultry interests being supported by the following sector specialists:

  • Will Frazer – South West,
  • Jonny Evans – West Midlands,
  • Adam Briggs – North West,
  • James Mills – North East,
  • Andy Guy – East Midlands,
  • John Newton – East Anglia.

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