ARK Agriculture formed to innovate silage clamps

The company known for its innovation in silage clamps for livestock farmers and anaerobic digestion plants has been re-branded ARK Agriculture following a management buyout of Bock UK.

Renowned for its sloping-walled clamps and oxygen barrier silage sheets, the Colchester-based firm is now chaired by Sean Milbank with Francis Auchincloss, William Wilson and Oliver Peck forming the board of directors.

Complete clamp and covering systems will remain a core focus of the company but its product range has already been extended.

Business development director William Wilson said: “This is an exciting new chapter and gives us a platform to build on our experience in delivering silage clamp solutions for the agricultural and biogas industries.

“As a team we have built well over 50 clamps across the UK and advised hundreds of customers on how to make the best silage possible.”

In partnership with DuPont Industrial Biosciences, ARK Agriculture will supply enzymes for the optimisation of biogas yields and digestion of high viscosity materials, such as straw, for plant operators in the anaerobic digestion sector.

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